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Chin State’s historical Sial Lum Fort ready for travellers

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The 120-year-old Sial Lum Fort located in Tedim, Chin State is ready for visits from travellers interested in seeing a historical fort where Chin people defended the land from British troops.
In the Siyin dialect of Chin language, ‘Sial Lum’ means “The Fort in the shape of Wild Ox”.

 Located over a 2.8-acre site at an altitude of 4000 feet above sea level, the fort is just 1.5 miles away from Wawlar Village in Tedim Township. It is three hours from Zongkaung Village on the Falam-Thainngin Road which is 30 miles from Kalay and 27 miles from Tedim. The old fort is at the junction of three roads separately leading to three towns: Falam, Hakha, and Tedim.

Visitors to Tedim who may be in the area to visit Rih Lake, can easily reach the fort during their stay in Tedim. During the open season, 10-seater public buses are available to connect travellers between Tedim and Rih Lake.

Sial Lum Fort is made up of a series of outposts and small and big ditches. The surrounding hills make a natural defense barrier along with streams and lank banks. The banks are connected with ditched lines.  

According to history, after the British occupied upper Myanmar in 1885, while they were trying to capture the Chin mountains, a major battle which took place near Wawlar Village was the toughest fight for the British because of the Chin people’s defense efforts.

The battle is recorded on a world list of international battles as one of the toughest battles fought and one of the strongest forts. In 1965, the fort was renovated and marked with a monument of memorial. Commemorations in memory of the Chin people who fought off the colonialist side are held annually at Wawlar Village which has a population of over 300. The fort is currently being preserved by the Department of Archeology and National Museums. 

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